Finally in Florida

Island 17

After two days on the road we finally made it to our new home for the winter : Sebastian, FL. The temperatures are really nice, I’ve ben wearing board-shorts since we arrived . . . The spots for kiteboarding as well as surfing are perfect and the school I work with is a skydiving school . . . (soon to be tried). We still have a lot to visit around here. I am hoping to swing by OWC the cablepark in Orlando. I want to try the new obstacle they got from the wake open . . . looks pretty fun.

I will let you know soon…


Heading to Florida for the winter


Winter season is approaching and the temperatures are dropping. . . which is not really fun for kiteboarding. . . So I found a place for Heather and I to live for the winter and stay warm : Florida ! ! ! We are heading to Sebastian in a couple of days and leaving the Outerbanks until next April. . . it will be my first trip to Florida. And it should be amazing knowing I will be an hour and a 1/2 from OWC and working for a Kiteschool / Skydiving school.

Stay posted for more updates !  !  !


Photo by Victoria Dwyer

There are times where the rain can really be annoying. It is the case when you live in the Outerbanks in NC, since there is not much to do when there are no wind and now waves for s few days. Add to that pouring rain… Easy to get depressed! But with a little creativity and a couple buddies to put a plan together, things can happen…

After a whole week of rain and no wind Julien Kepski, LF rider, couldn’t take it anymore and decided to get a wood log, a piece of an old wooden door, and a winch to ride the flooded ditches of Waves, NC.

And this is what happened . . .
As you can see Wakeboarding is not a crime ! ! !

Article on Stance magasine : stanceplanet

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Life on the Island. Cape Hatteras, NC


It has been almost 2 months since Heather and I live on the island. Life here is really good. I work as a Kite coach at RealWatersports for the season and we have the best spots to ride and teach over here. On one side of the street we have the Ocean and on the other, the sound with the biggest slick ever !!! Hurricane Irene took most of the sliders from Real’s park but thanks to Joby Cook we have brand new ones : a roof top, a reverse rainbow and a kicker made 100% out of plastic and foam ! ! ! With all those new toys and incredibles spots I’ve been sessioning a lot and getting some videos, a few more and I’ll be able to start working on a new edit ! ! !