Triple S open results


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The triple S Open took place today in the backyard of Real watersports The condition were excellent in the morning and we started running the first heats. The format was pretty fun. We had to choose between the John Wayne A frame or the North Roof Top, then we had 2 air tricks and one kicker hit, 2 runs for each rider best 5 scores count. I struggled a little bit as I broke my right hand the day before the event so I had no grip in my right hand, that said I’m pretty stoked to have made it to the final and I like to give props to Drew Christianson who won the event with a really nice run.

The media team realized a cool edit from the event, you can check it out on my video page

photo credit : the kiteboarder magazine




The Triple S is approaching


The Triple S competition is right around the corner, less than a month until the main event. After traveling and practicing all winter in the caribbean, I made it back to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina about a month ago and since then I have been riding the Real slider park with Craig and Coleen from the team North Kiteboarding. It was hard to get back in my wetsuit after riding for 4 month with nothing else than a board short but it’s definitely worth it I don’t know anywhere else on earth where you can find such variety of spots. Besides the slider park I got to session on the ocean side and practice kicker hits, downwinders on the sound side slaloming thru marshland. The south west winds is starting to show up more and more often, which means more warm sessions to come and more fun in the sun.

Stay posted for updates

Already February !!!


I can‘t believe it is already february, Heather and I have been living in Turks and Caicos Island for 2 months and a half now. two weeks ago Chris Bobryk Best Team Rider joined us here to ride and shoot. The first week was pretty slow on wind so we did a lot of exploring. But after that slow week it has been windy everyday and we have been shooting all the spots we could find from insane slicks in the middle of nowhere to incredible downwinders in front of Prince’s house and of course stopping by the secret slider park we’ve been having so many session. But still we are convinced there is a lot more to explore in this caribbean paradise.

Almost a month in Turks and Caicos Islands


It’s been almost a month since Heather and I arrived in TCI. We’ve been doing some exploring and each place we visit is gorgeous. There are so many activities to do and so many places to explore. The wind as been here 90% of the time and the Islands are full of little slicks and waves spots by the reefs. I’ve been sessioning so much since we got here and most of the time in a different location !!! Most of the slicks need a boat to access but you can ride at long bay beach the rest of the time. The wind is side shore to onshore and it’s not too choppy. The spot is also really shallow and there is a little slick on the left side of it when you are facing the ocean. I will post more pictures of this spot soon. In the meantime you can check out the photo section for some of the shots I took while exploring the island.

Photoshoot with Julien Fillion


A few weeks after arriving I received a message from Julien Fillion who is our kite designer for Liquid Force telling me he was on the island with 2 board bags of kites to try out…

We organized a little photo-shoot and went on the north side of the island where the water is more calm and where the landscapes offer more variety. It’s always good to ride with a teammate in another location than home ! ! !

We got plenty of good shots but still working on the editing. I will post some of them in the photo section as soon as done working on them.

Just arrived in Turks and Caicos ! ! !


Just arrived here in Turks and Caicos and the weather is amazing the wind blows every afternoon since we touched land and the water looks like a huge infinity pool !!! Scored my first session and I gotta to say it feels sooooo good to ride with only a board short !!!!! The new 2014 Liquid Force kites look amazing on the white sandy beaches.

Stay posted for more updates from the trip ! ! !

Meet the pros at REAL

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Real will be doing a Meet the pros Clinic to talk about the new 2014 gear the 25th of October, with as you can see on the add : Slezak, Brandon, Julien Fillion, BCS, Lulu and myself ! ! ! If you are on Cape Hatteras you should definitely swing by REALwatersports and hang with us to see all the new toys we have to show you 😉 Click on the banner for more infos.